Conscious Sexuality and Erotic Intimacy Coaching

Hi, I'm Kristina

I began working in the field of Education and the Healing Arts in 2001. My passions include supporting clients through removing Emotional Blockages, Challenges with Communication and Intimacy, and well as guiding women in practices of self love and pleasure. My true gifts lie in my empathic nature and ability to connect with others on a soul level, leading self healing through acceptance, compassion, and unconditional love. I am committed to living an authentic life through self-love, self-acceptance, self-understanding, and the sacred circle we create within sisterhood that allows the vulnerability to heal.  Work also focuses on the reclamation of the feminine spirit, often lost during pregnancy and following Motherhood. 

Post divorce I was lonely, lost, starving, and afraid I was far too much for anyone else to handle. I had spent my entire marriage acting as a chameleon, holding back my entire sexual self,  living in the shadows of who I knew I was. I've been following Jaiya Ma for quite some time. To my delight I dove head first into her Erotic Blueprint (TM) quiz when she released it and found the Blueprints to be life changing and soul saving. It answered so many questions, created so much self love, and pin pointed what I had been missing and (blushing while thinking about it), particulars to get me on the right track to fulfilling my deepest primal desires. As a n Erotic Blueprint coach I look forward to sharing  with my clients the road maps to their personal pleasures. Coaching is a huge passion and I hope for all individuals  and couples to reach the level of orgasmic pleasure I have found and tapped into.

Let me help you feed, speak, heal, and expand your Erotic Blueprints into their fullest potential and unlimited pleasure!

Just a Taste

Offerings come in all shapes and sizes. If you're looking for just a taste before diving head first into exquisite PLEASURE, you might find something yummy waiting for you here.