Conscious Sexuality and Erotic Intimacy Coaching

What is a Core Erotic Blueprint?

A Core Erotic Blueprint (CEB) is a map that helps us understand how an individual is wired for pleasure The map gives us clues about how to best arouse someone, what techniques to use, and how they most like to be pleasured in the sexual realm. 

Much like the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman, the 5 Erotic Blueprints by Jaiya helps you create a relationship where you intimately crave your partner, are deeply fulfilled and leave your lover craving more.

The 5 Erotic blueprints



The Energetics often thrive on the space of longing and anticipation. They sometimes have extra sensory perception and can tell when something is going on emotionally with their lover.



Those who have Sensual wiring love the realm of the senses; however, they often have difficulty sinking into their bodies.



Some of the most fun people in bed are those with Sexual wiring. They love sex, love genitals, and love orgasms. They may have a bit of a naughty factor, but are usually pretty straightforward and simple (in a good way).



Kinky wiring has the Naughty Factor all over it. What someone finds kinky is a personal definition. Defining kink is different for everyone. It is anything outside of your own personal box, or what you perceive as "normal".




Mature Shapeshifters are the rarest type of core erotic wiring. They are people who are able to speak the languages of all the types. They have the qualities of the Energetic, the Sensual, the Sexual, and the Kinky.

Is Coaching Right For You?

Do you need support/coaching?

To create real and lasting transformation, most people do.

Having a sex coach helps you avoid pitfalls and fast tracks your pain to pleasure!

If you’ve been spinning your wheels in your sex life, stuck in the mediocre, mundane or even painful world of sexual dissatisfaction, you know you need added support.

You know that you won’t prioritize your sex life, unless you have someone holding you accountable and helping you on a personalized basis.


Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough course

The purpose of this  8 week course is to help you gain a greater understanding of your blueprint and your present or future lover's blueprint so you can increase your sexual satisfaction.

You will be:

1.) Determining what your Core Erotic Blueprint is so you understand how your arousal works.

2.) Finding your Sexuality Stage- where you are now and where you want to be.

3.) Uncovering what your partner's blueprint is so you understand how to give greater pleasure to them (if you are single, this is still important, as you'll want to know how to determine other people's blueprints when dating).

4.) Learning how to feed the 5 Core Erotic Blueprint Types so sexual satisfaction is more likely to be fulfilled.

5.) Leaning how to speak a Blueprint so your words become ways to access great arousal and your communication becomes something that arouses instead of criticizes.

6.) Learning how to heal the shadow side of a blueprint- which helps you to more fully step into the positive aspect of your blueprint.

7.) Discovering how to expand your blueprint so you have more sexual variety.

8.) Knowing what obstacles are holding you back so you can find solutions and move toward what you really want to create.